With thousands of hours of experience, towing vessels of all kinds, we've done it all. We are fully equipped, insured, and trained to handle most boats up to 60 feet, and larger with a tandem tow. Whether it's a one or sixty mile tow, we're happy to help. As an independent, local company we are able to offer competitive prices. Did you know that most marine insurance policies will reimburse you when you need a tow? Call us or your insurance company to find out more.


     Salvage work, and diving in general is heavily regulated in BC. We only work with professionals who's first priority is safety. We help coordinate salvage operations, take care of towing once a vessel has been recovered., and help line up a haul-out facility or transport trailer. For smaller jobs not requiring commercial diving, we have our own selection of lift bags, dewatering pumps and salvage gear. 

Water Taxi

     We have been running water taxi services on the south island since 2013, and primarily work with businesses, government and various organizations to take care of their transportation needs. We are also happy to help you get to your favorite camping spot, or wherever you need to be once the ferries stop running. Our vessels and captains are also available for longer contracts.

Launch Service

     We are available on short notice to transport ships crew, technicians, parts, or provisions. We regularly coordinate with shipping agents, or directly with ships, to fill the gap between ship and shore - safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Film & Television / Media

We provide water safety and marine coordinator services for film and television productions. We have the gear and experience to keep crew and talent safe when shooting around the water. Our boats have been camera boats, support boats, and picture boats on many productions since 2014. With our extensive local knowledge and network of marine resources, we can help your team find the perfect location or picture boat. For media outlets, we are just a call away to get you on-scene to cover a breaking story on the water. 

Event Safety / Support Boats

If you read about our Film and TV experience above, you'll see how we can also keep your event, race, or work crew safe. We can help you comply with Worksafe BC remote work site rules requiring  a vessel on standby in case a medical evacuation is necessary. Need a photography boat to capture your event? We can do that too!